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Terms & Conditions

This section sets out the terms and conditions which govern the purchase of products from the Steel Tanks website and your use of this website.

1.0 Governing Law, Formation of Contract, Pricing and Product Availability

1.1 Governing Law

Irish law will prevail.

1.2 Formation of Contract

There is no contract between any customer or potential customers and Steel Tanks, until the transfer of funds has been approved from the customer’s bank or finance provider and notified to Steel Tanks.

1.3 Pricing

All products supplied by Steel Tanks will be invoiced in Euros (EUR) and where applicable, VAT will be levied at the prevailing rate. Whilst Steel Tanks reserves the right to amend product prices without notice, no additional payments or charges will be levied without the customer’s prior knowledge and agreement.

1.4 Availability

Steel Tanks does its utmost to ensure all products offered by the company can be supplied within a reasonable period of time. Where a product is no longer available, Steel Tanks will notify the customer accordingly. In the event the customer no longer wishes to proceed with the order, all monies received will be returned to their account within 5 working days.

2.0 Deliveries

2.1 Delivery Area

Steel Tanks delivers to all addresses in the Republic of Ireland, excluding offshore locations. (Subject to seperate quotation.) Regretfully, we are currently unable to accept orders from customers in Northern Ireland, Great Britain or any other external jurisdiction.

2.2 Product Handling

Please be aware all deliveries are kerbside and it is the customer’s responsibility to transfer the product from the delivery vehicle on to their own property. It is the customers responsibility to supply suitable offloading equipment. Delivery personnel may assist with offloading and transfer, this is at their own discretion and is not a service provided by Steel Tanks.

2.3 Delivery Dates and Times

All delivery dates and times provided by Steel Tanks are approximate. Steel Tanks will not be held liable for the failure of delivery personnel to achieve estimated delivery dates and times. We strongly suggest that no arrangements are made to install products ordered from Steel Tanks, until the products have been delivered and checked for damage and / or shortage.

2.4 Delivery Costs

All quotations provided by Steel Tanks will include delivery. This may be subject to change depending on circumstances.

3.0 Warranties

All warranties supplied or inferred are provided by the product manufacturer or their importer in the European Union. In the event of product defect or failure, Steel Tanks will not be liable for any consequential damage or loss.

4.0 Complaints and Returns

4.1 Damages and Shortages

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that all deliveries should be carefully inspected for shortage and signs of damage. In the unlikely event, a product is found to be damaged upon delivery, please ensure this is recorded on delivery paperwork and notified to us within 2 working days from receipt of order. In the event that a shortage is discovered, please ensure this is recorded on any delivery paperwork and notified to us within 2 working days from receipt of order.

All notifications of shortages or damages should be notified to us in writing, by post or by e-mail. We strongly recommend all postal correspondence should be sent to us by registered post only.

4.2 Order Cancellation

All orders are subject to a 40% deposit to be paid on the date of order. All deposits are non refundable in the case of order cancellation.

4.3 Defective Products

In the event of purchasing a product, which you believe to be defective, this should be notified to us immediately.

If the product is within the manufacturer’s guarantee period, we will arrange for the product to be repaired, replaced or refunded at the discretion of the manufacturer and consistent with the terms of their product warranty. Should an on-site product inspection be required and the defect is found not to be the responsibility of the manufacturer, an inspection charge may be levied.

4.4 Complaints

In the event of a complaint, please write in the first instance to MarineDoc Ltd T/A Steel Tanks, Masshill Road, Tubbercurry, Co. Sligo, Ireland. We will endeavour to respond to all complaints within 5 working days and to resolve all complaints within 20 working days from date of receipt.

5.0 Website Content

5.1 Copyright and Trademarks

All text, design and graphics on this website belong to Steel Tanks and is the exclusive property of Steel Tanks. The ownership of intellectual property (including, but not limited to trademarks, company names and product images) belonging to third parties is acknowledged and is used on this website with their agreement. You may not use or reproduce any part of this website, without the prior agreement of Steel Tanks.

5.2 Accuracy

Insofar as is permissible by Irish law, this website is provided on an ‘as is’ basis. Steel Tanks expressly disclaims all express or implied warranties and representations with regard to this website and information contained herein. Whilst Steel Tanks employs all reasonable endeavours to ensure the information contained on this website is correct, we do not warrant or represent that such information is current, accurate or complete.

6.0 Product Installation, Use and Maintenance

Customers purchasing products from Steel Tanks warrant that all products will only be installed and maintained by a suitably, independently accredited, person deemed competent to install and maintain the products supplied. Furthermore, by purchasing a product from this website, you warrant that the product(s) will be used only in accordance with supplied instructions and statutory requirements.

7.0 Offices

The full address of the office at which documents can be effectively served in Ireland is Oil Services Ireland T/A Steel Tanks, Masshill Road, Tubbercurry, Co. Sligo, Ireland. Phone: 071 918 6061

In the event that these terms and conditions are not acceptable to you, you are required to desist from using this website and should not purchase any products from this website.

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